Woman’s face transforming into an antelope after eating its meat

A 29-year-old heavily pregnant mother of two, Catharine Achiaa, is gradually displaying facial features reminiscent of an antelope after unwittingly consuming its meat.

She was informed that her father had tragically lost his life before her birth, which deprived her of the opportunity to ever meet him. Nevertheless, Cathrine’s mother, who sought to provide fatherly love to her children, remarried, but unfortunately, the man in question also could not live for long.

Losing all hope, Catharine was compelled to stay with a neighbor in Elubo, who ran a “chop bar.”

She confided in this neighbor about the secret of her paternity. She made it clear to the woman that her mother had, on several occasions, warned her not to consume antelope meat, as it could be fatal.

Making this clear to the woman, Catharine was on her usual duty one day when her employer gave her and her colleagues their regular meal. To her surprise, her employer also gave her an additional bowl of soup with unknown meat to add to their food.

After some time, her employer called to inquire if she had passed away, as the additional meat given to her was from an antelope.

Upon returning home alive, in her naive nature, she informed her mother about the unfortunate incident. However, to her surprise, her mother didn’t take the issue seriously, despite her earlier warnings.

Days passed, and she began to experience unusual swelling and pain in her wisdom teeth, which she initially thought was due to their growth. The pain persisted, leading her to confide in her employer’s husband, who responded similarly to her thoughts.

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All of these events occurred when she was 18 years old. She decided to leave the “chop bar” for a different occupation, but the pain continued to afflict her, leading her to abuse Gebedol medication just to get some relief and sleep.

Later, at the age of 22, when she became pregnant, she traveled with her husband to her mother’s place. This was when town gossip began, claiming she had consumed the forbidden meat. Her mother took her to a spiritualist, who confirmed this as the reason behind her sudden change.

By this time, the damage had progressed to the point where her face almost resembled that of an antelope. The family then journeyed to her father’s hometown, “Norway,” where they were informed that her unintentional avoidance of the meat had saved her. #kasapa

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