Wiaga: Pastors assault fetish priestess, threaten her with gun

A fetish priestess in Wiaga in the Builsa North Municipality of the Upper East Region has been hospitalised after two pastors from the Jesus Family Church in Sandema allegedly assaulted her.

Issahaku Sakinatu, the fetish priestess in the Sichaasa community, was beaten to a pulp at her home by two pastors – including a white man – after she failed to yield to their advances to ditch her faith and accept Christianity.

Sakinatu sustained bruises on her face, knees and suffered a dislocated left arm in the attack. She was subsequently taken to the Wiaga Clinic where she is receiving treatment.

Narrating the incident to Asaase News’s Castro Senyalah, the fetish priest said the unwelcome visitors led by one pastor Donatus Asekapta arrived at her home to pray for her. She said after refusing their offer, they became furious and demanded to take away her deities, a move she also strongly resisted.

She recounted that her strong stance against their every move angered the pastors and they began to verbally abuse her. The white pastor, she added, pulled out a pistol in the heat of the moment and threatened to shoot her dead.

“They took some of my idols and hid them and when I retrieved them, one of the pastors who is a white man held me and pushed me onto the ground. I quickly got back up and that was when the white man took out a pistol and threatened to kill me,” – Sakinatu recounted.

She continued, “After that, the pastor from Awolinka church beat me up mercilessly. He twisted my arm and as I speak, there are pains all over. I also sustained cuts on my face, knees and hands,”

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Following the attack, the case was reported to the police in Sandema who arrested the suspects. The police also gave the victim a medical form to seek treatment.

Asaase News’s efforts to speak to the Sandema district police commander were not successful as he was not available.

The fetish priestess who has been left traumatised by the incident said her rights were infringed and has appealed to the police to ensure justice is served.

“I was at my home and they came and attacked me. I didn’t do anything wrong. So, I want the police to handle the case well and punish them for the severe beatings and other inhumane treatment they made me go through in my own house,” Sakinatu appealed.  Asaase

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