Fear Women: Husband Weeps After Catching His Wife Doing This

Husband weeps after catching his wife getting intimate with another man on a classroom desk

A husband found himself in a heart-wrenching situation after finding his wife engaging in an intimate encounter with another man inside her school classroom.
With tears streaming down his face, the husband has emotionally revealed that his wife’s behaviour had suddenly taken a drastic turn following the birth of their child, noting her consistent tardiness for school as a concerning change.

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Kwaku, Good day.

We were home around 4pm yesterday when my wife had a call. I don’t know who it was but she told the person she’ll call her back. Some minutes later she had the call again and said she was busy.

I heard all this but I didn’t really mind. Then around 5pm, she told me she needs to give some things to some people so she would be right back.

It didn’t sink well so I asked for a further explanation which she gave angrily that she was going to her school to pick and submit some exams questions to her mistress to be printed. She is a teacher and their exams is near so I understood.

Kwaku, when she left I started to think about the whole thing, the way the call came in and how she couldn’t really talk to the person and all that.

So I carried our 2 years old daughter and we followed, I just wanted to be sure she was being honest.

It rained a lot yesterday as well and I know my wife. She would have complained bitterly to me if she was indeed called to bring those papers over. The whole thing just made me suspicious.

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When I was almost at her school, I saw her standing by the roadside with one guy so I asked the driver to stop.

They stood for like two minutes and headed to the school. I alighted and followed up. I entered the school silently cuz I wasn’t sure what I saw was good. Can you believe I walked up on my wife and the guy having sezzz in one of the classrooms in a doggy style??

It was horrible to watch. The moment she saw me, she stood up and started to pretend she was moving things. She wore a flare skirt for that purpose. I couldn’t say anything cuz if I do, I’ll end up committing murder.

I just left with my daughter back home. She was calling and sending me numerous messages but I didn’t mind.

She got home at almost 9pm with her mother. Still denying they weren’t having sezz. I saw what I saw, when she stood up, the guy held his pen¡s into his trousers. I refused to listen to her or her mother till she says the truth and when she finally did, she said that was their first time. I don’t believe her.

She has returned home late several times this year, she has left for her school impromptu on a few occasions. She doesn’t even complain about work anymore. I suspect this has been going on for a while. To forgive this is not something I think I can do easily.

Just yesterday Kwaku, we were all home together, I tried to even get her in bed but she told me she wasn’t in the mood and then a few hours later, I catch her doing it with another man in a classroom. The whole of today has been miserable because of this issue, I didn’t see this coming.

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