Traditional Priest Stabs His Wife Dead Over Cheating; Commits Suicide

According to reports, a well-known traditional priest in Parembo, Bono East Region, killed his second wife over rumors of adultery.

The second wife was allegedly murdered by the priest Solomon Bosomfo after he accused her of having adulterous affairs with other men.

The strange occurrence took place on September 21, 2023, a Thursday.

According to Big Asare, the traditional priest is accused of killing the second wife as a result of a misunderstanding.

The wife was challenged by the priest, who pleaded with her to confirm the claims of extramarital affairs.

Because of the misunderstanding, she is said to have been attacked and killed.

After killing his wife, the traditional priest reportedly cut himself till his intestine spilled out, according to the reporter.

In the process, he died.

The wife’s and the priest’s bodies were taken to the mortuary, and the police were informed.



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