Alan ‘Fires’ Chairman Wontumi On Live TV(VIDEO)

Alan Kyeremanten has issued a strong warning to Chairman Wontumi for berating him after he decided to resign from the NPP party.

Speaking on UTV’s morning show, Alan Kyeremanten aka Alan Cash made it clear that it was through him that Chairman Wontumi joined the NPP.

“Who is Chairman Wontumi? Who does he think he is? He is a nobody! I brought him to NPP so he should be careful about his utterances.” Alan Cash warned.

In a Press Conference, Alan revealed that he will be contesting as an independent candidate and he will be bringing a lot of change to the country.

Alan Kyeremanten revealed that he will make sure Ghanaian Youth who represent 53% of Ghana’s population get everything they want.

” I am the only leader who can make sure the economic growth of this country is permanent. I will establish a movement for change. I will Change the political status quo of Ghana from a two-party state. This will break the winner takes all political syndrome. I will make sure that there will be unity and inclusiveness in the political party regardless of their political affiliation.” Alan revealed.

Alan also pleaded with Ghanaians to vote for him to become the next President of Ghana in the upcoming 2024 elections.

Watch The Video Below

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