Human skulls buyer arrested in Tamale

Sheihu Hussein Tanko has been identified as the person who requested and bought a human skull from a Tamale resident. The police have subsequently arrested him, and processing him for Court.

According to police investigations, Mr  Tanko had first contacted Mr Tia Aremiyawu for the human skull. Mr Aremiyawu, unable to supply the requested human part, contacted Mr Sumani who then scouted for a grave and dug out the human skull.

Mr Tanko also confessed to having requested a human rip from his accomplices. When Mr. Tanko was arrested, he expressed regret for ever indulging in the act.


Last week, Mr Sumani was summoned by the Chief of Vitting over the exhumation of a grave. He confessed to having exhumed the grave of a girl and selling her skull for some GHC 20.00.

According to him, a year ago a man (name not disclosed ) contacted him to provide him with his human skull which he was able to exhume from the grave of a child buried around Nanton.

He indicated that the same man again this year requested another human skull but this time around he refused to provide which led to the friend recording a video and claiming that he was a killer and that he would kill all the people in the community which created fear and panic.

Upon the confession, the suspect was handed over to the police who arrested and interrogated him, leading to the arrest of Mr Tanko. MynewsGH

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