Video: Customers drag a Female Cashier from the banking hall; beat & strip her naked on the streets

A female banker has found herself embroiled in a major controversy, facing the wrath of irate customers of the bank where she is employed.

The customers have accused her of being involved in bank robberies that have resulted in significant losses for customers.

The situation became alarming when it was suspected that the banker might be connected to these unusual bank robberies.

However, a breakthrough occurred when some of the armed robbers involved in one of the bank heists were apprehended and interrogated.

According to the story, during the interrogation, these arrested robbers implicated the banker, alleging that she provided them with insider information, particularly when customers came to withdraw large sums of money.

In response to these unconfirmed revelations, angered customers decided to take matters into their own hands.

They organized a group and stormed the bank, physically dragging the banker out and subjecting her to a rough and violent confrontation.


This incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of alleged criminal activities within the banking sector.

It is essential for any allegations of criminal behaviour to be thoroughly investigated by the appropriate authorities and for legal processes to be followed to ensure a fair and just outcome. ghpage

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