Video: Young Lady Uses Her Entire Savings To Do This For Her Boyfriend

A South African woman was roasted on TikTok after posting two bags of coins and said she was saving money to buy her boyfriend a car.

Netizens trolled her and made jokes about what kind of car she would get and the outcome of her saving journey.

@08_dec1 posted her hilarious video on her TikTok account. The clip shows her emptying two bags of coins and paper money onto the bed.



The caption indicates that she is saving to buy her man a car because he deserves it.

Watch the video here:

Netizens roasted her and pointed out that she might as well buy a laptop with that money because it was that little.

Menashe wrote: “You’re gonna get him a Bajaj.” _virgo

. Sam laughed. “Bajaj is R200 per month.”

K.P. Chumba was confused. “I thought those coins were for buying gum.”

Atli shared in her drive. “Buying him that M2 with my money in my money box. I have R170.”

Hannah imagined the future outcome. “Next week: guys, we broke up. He said he wants to focus on exams.”

Bigga Dan joked. “You can get some toy cars at Walmart. I saw some for $14.99.”

Juicy pointed out: “That boy will leave you with the car you bought for him.” ghpage

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