Slay queens who teamed up to beat another slay queen arrested

The Bolgatanga Municipal Police Command in the Upper East Region have arrested six slay queens for assaulting another lady for allegedly sleeping with the boyfriend of one of them.

The victim, also known as Abigail alias Abicute, is noted for her sexy dance moves on the Tiktok app and is considered by many to be a slay queen.

One of the perpetrators recorded the beating of Abicute while it was happening, ostensibly to further humiliate her online.

After being shared, the video quickly became popular on social media.

However, the video did not degrade Abicute; instead, it inspired sympathy for her and calls for the police to apprehend those responsible for the assault.

Quickly entering the area, the police detained the accused. She was hurt in the assault. At the Bolgatanga Regional Hospital, she requested medical assistance.

The attackers can be seen verbally insulting the victim while whipping, slapping, and whacking her in the viral footage.

They can be heard saying that the assault will prevent her from engaging in extramarital relationships with the boyfriends of other girls the way she did with Hagar’s boyfriend.

Watch the video below:

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According to police investigators, the suspects are currently being held by the police and will be arraigned on assault-related crimes.ghpage

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