Pastor proposes marriage to widow at husband’s funeral while the corpse was laid in state; she agrees – Video

A pastor has stirred controversy at a burial ceremony where he officiated. During the service, the pastor, acting in his capacity as the clergyman leading the proceedings, took an unexpected turn.

As family and friends had gathered to mourn the deceased, the pastor, while delivering his sermon at the burial service, surprised everyone with his actions.


In a video that is rapidly circulating on social media, the pastor was seen kneeling before the grieving widow, professing his love and proposing marriage to her right in front of the attendees.


The attendees were visibly shocked by the pastor’s unexpected proposal, and they watched in amazement as the emotional scene unfolded.

Despite the widow’s grief and tears, she wiped them away and accepted the pastor’s proposal. She then stood up and embraced him.

This unusual proposal took place while the deceased husband’s body was laid in state for final viewing and the burial service.

It has since generated discussions and debates on social media and among the public.


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