A/R:18 hospitalized after eating popular waakye

In Atwedie, Asante Akyem South district, a total of eighteen individuals were hospitalized after eating a popular Ghanaian dish, Waakye.

Suspicions arose of contamination with a toxic substance after the victims ate the dish, which was purchased from a local woman.

Subsequent investigations have uncovered that the stew accompanying the food had been tampered with, possibly poisoned.

Reports indicate that the victims began to experience severe stomach aches and diarrhea, with one person requiring surgery due to the effects. Incidentally, the vendor herself fell victim to these painful symptoms and had to seek medical attention.

According to a report by Kessben FM, some individuals in the community have expressed doubt about the food vendor’s involvement in this incident, shifting their suspicions towards her landlord due to a reportedly strained relationship.


Source: Ghanaweb

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