Asem Aba! Man weeps and divorces Beautiful wife , Check Out Why

A Nigerian man from Bayelsa State, Oroufagha Emomotimi, has taken to social media to announce the end of his marriage to his wife, Benedicta.

This new development comes five months after he publicly apologized to his wife for accusing her of adultery and questioning the paternity of their son.

At the time, he blamed the devil, jealousy and anger for his actions.

He also averred that the accusations were false and pleaded for her forgiveness.


Prior to the apology, Emomotimi, a former Assistant Secretary of the All Progressives Congress APC, had taken to social media to call out his wife, friends and family for betraying him.

He also said that he is hell-bent on finding out if he is the biological father of the child he shares with his wife.

In a recent update, Emomotimi disclosed that he is not the father of the child and has told his wife to go and look for the child’s biological father.


He has also announced the end of the marriage, both physically and spiritually.


He said,

“And I am also not the father of the son she shared with me. Neo, who was earlier declared my son was a mistake.

“Let her go and look for the father of her son. I am not the father. Let this sound a warning.”

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