C/R: Wildlife officers seize bushmeat from chop bar operators, owners go wild

Officers of the Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission have seized various types of bushmeats from Chop bar operators and those preserved in fridges in some parts of the Central Region.

Over 100 pieces of bush meats were confiscated in various chop bars from Awutu Senya Wast District, Gomoa East and West District and the Effutu Municipality respectively but owners of this chop bars insist they have license to sell bush meats.

In an interview with Kasapa News Yaw Boagyan, some of the chop bar operators expressed disappointment in the Wildlife Division for invading their facilities with guns and other weapons to seize their meat without any prior notice.

Some of the bush meats were picked from bowls of soups on fire and some others in the deep freezers.

Even those that had already been bought and were being consumed were also seized and taken to the offices of the Wildlife Division.

Meanwhile, the Public Relations officer of Wildlife Division, Ernestina Adumia Anning revealed that they took the initiative to monitor the ban on hunting of bush meats.

She said, there is a ban on hunting for bush meat and they were not expecting anybody to consume bushmeat until the period of the ban was over.

Ernestina Adumia Anning indicated that they will soon monitor the roadside to arrest anybody who will be selling bush meat to travelers along the highways.

According to her, those Chop bar operators whose meat were seized will be processed to the law Court and fined.

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She advised the general public to stay away from consuming bushmeat henceforth else, they will be arrested if caught due to the ban on hunting for bush meat. kasapa

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