Proposal gone wrong as lady disgraces her boyfriend publicly after receiving expensive gifts from him

A viral video shows a man left kneeling after proposing to his girlfriend during her graduation but unfortunately, she rejected his proposal.

The man was apparently trying to be romantic by throwing a surprise marriage proposal on her sign-out day.

He came to her graduation with gifts and the intention to wife her up, but things didn’t go as planned.

The man gifted her a framed photo, which she took, but when he went down on his knee with a ring to propose, she refused to take it.

The hilarious clip shows the man kneeling among the crowd of students – With some laughing at the embarrassing scene

Below are some of the reactions of social media users who have come across the video…

@user741486075639 reacted: “no be my ex be this I come in peace ???”

@Benz Williams wrote: “Make una no marry una no dey hear”

@mizpatricia3 stated: “i beg come give me oooo i need the Ring”

@Mimibaby???? penned: “????the guy shame Dey shame me”

@Princess advised: “Una wey be guys b4 u propose to ur gf dey give her small hints to know if she go collect ring or not to avoid falling hand”

@Certified Loner?? added: “this!!!!you should have had marriage conversation before trying to propose??”

@no one stated: “you go dey trust woman”

@Mimi remarked: “This is so painful another woman is going to pay for what she don’t even know about her”

Watch the video below …

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