Corpse of a Fetish Priest Refuses to Bury (AUDIO)

There was a dramatic scene at Atronie, a suburb in the Bono region, after the corpse of the late Fetish priest, Nana Manu, refused to be buried.

The shocking incident happened on Wednesday morning.

Information available on indicates that Nana Manu was allegedly struck dead by the gods for committing numerous acts of abomination in the community, including having an affair with married women and sleeping with his uncle’s wife.

As tradition demands, the corpse of the 39-year-old priest had to be buried on Wednesday morning, but due to the resistance of the alleged spirit of the deceased, the corpse was able to be buried in the evening of the same day.

This was after the intervention of the linquist with the deceased Fetish priest.

In an interview with, the linguist said he performed some rituals before the corpse was able to be buried.




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