Teenager caught burying younger brother alive; accused mother of instructing him

Recall GhPage.com reported about how a little boy was saved from his teenage brother after he was caught burying him alive for allegedly stealing money.

According to him, their mother who had gotten fed up with the victim’s kleptomaniac attitude led to him being instructed to bury him alive.

“He thief money. The last time he went to thief money, We dey ask am where he put the money, and I no know how much he thief oo but he said nah N1000. The last time he stole, nobody beat ham, and nobody touched Ham,” he said in pidgin English.

Residents suspected foul play as they believed the teenager might have been carrying out money ritual instructions from a witch doctor, but he refuted the claims.

“Nobody send me, nah my mother talk say make I punish am,” the errant teenager said.

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