Ghanaian musician in danger as close friend send his picture to Juju man

On Sunday, October 15, 2023, during the 40th Anniversary Concert of the renowned gospel music group Tagoe Sisters in Accra, Archbishop Salifu Amoako, the Founder and General Overseer of Alive Chapel International, gave the acclaimed musician Akwaboah Junior a terrifying prophecy in person.

The prophetic man of God revealed a sinister plot launched against the gifted musician by several people in his inner circle and even some family members. Archbishop Salifu Amoako made the unsettling news that someone with malicious intent had gone so far as to transmit Akwaboah Junior’s photo to a Juju Man in Benin.

This crime was committed with the evil intent of summoning evil forces to endanger the musician’s budding musical career.

The potential hazards and dangers posed by persons in the public glare are highlighted by such discoveries of black magic and malignant intent. The man of God also revealed another unsettling fact: a member of Akwaboah’s own family had also participated in this sinister plan.

Unbelievably, this relative had sent a picture of the musician to a Juju expert in Ho, a city in Ghana’s Volta Region, most likely as part of a separate, sinister scheme to damage him. The music business has been shaken by this shocking prognosis, as well as Akwaboah’s followers who now have to deal with the unsettling idea that their idol is in danger not only from strangers but also from those who are close to him.

The revelation serves as a sobering warning about the difficulties of juggling popularity and success, reminding us that threats from the outside and within might appear in unanticipated ways.

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The music business as a whole, as well as Akwaboah Junior’s fans, will be closely watching to see how he responds to this alarming prophecy and what steps he takes to protect his career and personal life in light of these disclosures.



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