Lady weeps as her lips suddenly become big overnight

A Nigerian lady whose lips suddenly began swelling two years ago has finally discovered the reason behind her condition.

The lady identified as Barakatu Lasisi addressed viral speculations surrounding her enlarged lips which looked about four times bigger than normal.

She revealed that she did not undergo lip surgery, and her condition is an allergic reaction caused by something she ate two years ago.

According to her, she tried seeking medical assistance to find a solution for her lip condition, to no avail.

She explained that she visited multiple hospitals, underwent tests, received injections, and took various medications. Unfortunately, despite her efforts, the treatments did not provide the desired results.

She said; “I did not do lip surgery, I will not do this to myself intentionally. I don’t think there’s any gain in doing lip surgery and I didn’t use pink lip balm. It’s actually an allergic reaction to something I ate which I’m still trying up till now to work on. It actually happened two years ago.

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