Policewoman weeps bitterly; drags ex-husband to court

A police couple has seen their marriage come to shambles as the woman has gone to court to seek divorce after realizing that her husband used a loan he had taken in her name to rent an apartment and furnished it for another woman believed to be his side chick.

Angela Adams, the wife, initiated processes at a Customary Court sitting in Jikwoyi, FCT to dissolve her marriage and also cited physical assaults by her husband as one of the basis for her decision.

According to her, her husband took a loan of 11,500 from a microfinance bank in her name without her consent and said he used it to buy building materials. But she later found out he spent it on his side chick.

“When I asked him what he used the money for, he told me that he bought wood and zinc with the money, but I later heard that he rented an apartment and furnished it for a woman.

She pleaded with the court to dissolve the marriage to save her life from her brutally abusive husband. She is also asking the court to grant her custody of their child.

“My husband always beats me whenever we have a little misunderstanding. He beats me like a child. He always targets my eyes. The last time he beat me, he threw a punch on my face; luckily for me, I was able to block it with my hand, and the blow tore my hand. ghpage

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