Man jailed for sharing naked pictures of his ex-girlfriend on social media

An Accra Circuit Court has sentenced an unemployed man to three years in prison for sharing naked pictures of his ex-girlfriend with his friends on social media.

Joshua Asiedu, aka Kwame Ketewa, was also ordered to pay compensation of GHC10,000 to the 19-year-old victim for the pain and emotional stress he caused her.

The sentence came after the court presided over by Mrs Christina Cann found Asiedu guilty of the charge of non-consensual sharing of intimate image.

Police say Asiedu shared the nude pictures of the victim on his WhatsApp status because she broke up with him.

The Court, however, noted that the prosecution failed to make a Prima facie case against Asiedu in respect of threat of death and domestic violence to wit emotional abuse.

It therefore acquitted and discharged Asiedu on two offences.

In his plea for mitigation, Asiedu pleaded with the trial judge to have mercy on him saying all the allegations against me are untrue.

The prosecution, led by Chief Inspector Opoku Aniagyei, said the complainant is a 49-year-old trader residing in Accra.

It said the victim is a 19-year-old Senior High School graduate who resides with her mother at Odorkor, Accra.

The prosecution said the convict also resides at Odorkor.

In 2018, Asiedu engaged in an illicit relationship with the victim and her father got wind of it.

Based on that, the prosecution said the victim told Asiedu that she was no longer interested in the relationship, so she broke up with him.

The prosecutor said in 2021, Asiedu, who was not happy with the victim’s action, posted her nude pictures on his WhatsApp status for public viewing.

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According to him, Asiedu then shared the photos with two of the victims’ friends, Kasia and Sika.

The prosecution said thereafter, “the accused person always calls the victim to threaten her with words that he will deal with her and that if she wants to lose her life or she wants her mother to lose her, then she should play with him and that made the victim to feel
constantly unhappy, miserable, humiliated, ridiculed, afraid, jittery, depressed and worthless.’

It said the authorities at the victim’s school also noticed that the victim was going through emotional torture and invited her parents to the school.

The victim was also handed over to a Counsellor at the school, and a report on the victim was submitted following her counselling session.

The prosecution said the complainant reported Asiedu’s conduct to the Domestic Violence and Victim’s Support Unit on May 17, 2021.

It said when Asiedu fled to an unknown location when after learning he was being sought by the Police.

The prosecution said on January 26, 2023, Asiedu resurfaced, and was arrested.
The prosecutor stated that an investigation caution statement was obtained from him, and that photographs of the victims’ nude pictures were retrieved from her father’s cell phones, as well as audios of the threats, for evidential purposes.


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