Methodist church Reverend commits suicide

A Methodist Church Reverend took his own life after his adultery scandal leaked in the church’s WhatsApp group.

Rev Oscar Mukahanana, could not withstand the shame criticism from church members and his family and chose to end it the fast way.

The Reverend allegedly got into an adulterous relationship with a female youth member of the church.

In leaked WhatsApp audios, the Man of God had a sneaky rendezvous with the church lady. The two had some hours long bedroom games and were now having pillow talk. Reverend Mukahanana was quite glad he gave the girl a good session.

The youth member also giggled as the Reverend told her he had satisfied her. In another WhatsApp audio, the two were heaving and gasping for air as they got busy to work in another supposed session.

As the two were having a blast of a lifetime, Rev Oscar Mukahanana was reportedly oblivious that he was mistakenly recording the WhatsApp audios. Mysteriously, he shared the audios in the church WhatsApp group by mistake, and all hell broke loose.

The shocked church members could not contain themselves and let the issue slide. They started jeering and forwarding the WhatsApp audios to other groups. They even began creating memes and ridiculing the Man of God over the adultery storm.

After putting the church and his family in the spotlight through the embarrassing encounter, a dark cloud hovered over Rev Oscar Mukahanana’s head. The respected church leader could not stomach the guilt and pressure that befell him, and he took his own life.

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