45-year-old farmer murdered on his farmland(photo)

On his farm in Agona Nyakrom, part of the Agona West Municipality in the Central Region, a 45-year-old man was slain.

The dead, Uncle Fii, went to his cassava field a few days ago as he does every day, according to information acquired by BoadiNews , but he never came home.


His disappearance caused concern among the locals, some of whom assumed he had gone to visit his wife, as he frequently does.

However, after making every attempt to find him, someone reported the incident to the police, who launched an inquiry to find the deceased.

A local who was passing the deceased’s farm on his way to his Cocoa plantation on Sunday, October 22, 2023, around noon, noticed what appeared to be a human laying on the farmland.

When he got closer, he discovered that the missing man was the one who had been murdered.

He instantly ran home, told the neighbors, and called the police.

His body had many cutlass wounds throughout it, leading investigators to believe that unidentified assailants were responsible for his death.

He had his water in a gallon next to him, his wellington boot on, and his cutlass a short distance away.

His almost-rotten body is evidence that he was killed a few days ago. As the inquiry continues, the body was transported to the morgue.

source : BoadiNews.com

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