A/R: Three butchered; one stabbed to death

Three people have been hospitalized after being inflicted with cutlass wounds at Manso Aboaso in the Ashanti region on Sunday, October 22, 2023.

One other woman was stabbed to death.

This was after a clash between the youth of the community and some thugs.

According to Kessben TV’s report, monitored by BoadiNews, some unidentified thugs imported by an alleged nephew of a chief in the area stormed Atwimaman Community Mining and inflicted cutlass wounds on two security guards.

Angered by the youth of the community, a counterattack was launched on the friend of the ‘thugs importer’, called Kwasi Emma, in the absence of the importer.

Kwasi was inflicted with cutlass wounds on the neck, back, and other parts of the body, and subsequently, the angered, mobilized youth stabbed the mother of Kwasi, Emma.

She was pronounced dead at Agroyesom government hospital.

Both the injured security guards and Kwasi Emma are receiving treatment at the Agroyesom government hospital.

Source: BoadiNews.com


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