Court declares Empress Lupita and GodPapa mentally ill, unfit to stand trial for son’s murder

The Tema District Court has declared the viral TikTok couple, Empress Lupita and her husband, ‘Godpapa The Greatest’ unfit to stand trial for the murder of their son because they are mentally ill.

The court arrived at the decision following a mental examination report submitted by an official of the Accra Psychiatric Hospital.

According to Angel FM’s court correspondent, Ama Brako, the psychiatric examination uncovered that the couple had been suffering from mental illness for over a decade.

“A senior medic at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital was the one who came to the court to explain things, she said that the two of them had been mentally unstable for about 11 years and she believed that they had been hearing voices, so if they were there, they can talk to themselves and laugh,” the reporter said.

“The doctor recommended that Empress Lupita and ‘Godpapa the Greatest’ were not fit to stand trial and should be separated and provided with medication. The doctor further suggested that if the Accra Psychiatric Hospital were to admit them again, it would be contingent on them receiving 24-hour police protection,” she added.

The couple who was charged with murder could be seen exhibiting abnormal conduct in the courtroom, hence the decision to refer them to the psychiatric hospital.

“So, when they appeared in court, the judge at the Tema District Court said that they should be taken to a psychiatric hospital for examination because sometimes in the courtroom, they will be creating drama.

“For instance, they can chat, laugh, and do all sorts of things in the courtroom, so the judge ordered that they should be examined,” Ama Brako reports.

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Godpapa The Greatest and Empress Lupita have admitted to killing and burying one of their sons.

Their youngest child who managed to escape from home later recounted some of the horrible experiences he endured while living with his parents.

During a television interview, they acknowledged that they had sacrificed one of their children, saying that the boy was under the influence of a bad spirit and that they feared he might commit crimes that would harm the country in the future.

The duo, who went by the handles Godpapa The Greatest and Empress Lupita on TikTok, had amassed a sizable following on the social media platform.

They had been posting about their experiences at home on social media, giving fans an insight into their life.

They were subsequently arrested by the police following their confession to have killed their son. Pulsegh

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