Watch how police van, 4 officers were dedicated to one-man protester in Accra

A protest took place in Accra on October 24, 2024; with a solo protester marching through parts of the capital including a stop at the premises of Accra-based Despite Media with his verbal petition.

Ernest Birmeh, popularly known as Dr. Think Twice said he was protesting specifically against the many pressures that people face in the country for different reasons.

Clad in a white long sleeved polo neck – with the inscription IGP – Inspector General of Pressure – wearing dark shades and a cap, Birmeh was spotted in a video shared by Despite Media’s UTV, arriving at the premises of the station.

Whiles on foot from the Abeka area, he is sighted walking in front of a police van with two officers, a driver and a senior officer in the front seat.

Behind him are two other officers, one wearing a safety vest whiles the other is wielding an AK47 riles on foot.

He is also holding a Ghana flag with a megaphone whiles the police van’s siren is blurting out.

“Today, I am engaged in a one-man demonstration to combat unnecessary pressure, aren’t you going to get married? Why won’t you give birth? Are you sticking to only one child, is one not too little?

“These undue pressures, I am protesting against that. If you will give birth or marry and get into a hard situation, stay away; as with anything that will put you in a tight corner, stay away. That is my one-man demo that has brought me to Peace FM today,” he stressed.

He weighed in on other pressure sources like women giving men pressure with marriage and men catering for women’s education or training with intent to marry them afterwards.

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