Over hundred passengers stranded in Western region

For the past two days, hundreds of travelers have been stuck at the Ewusiejoe section of the Agona Nkwanta to Takoradi road in the Western Region.

Due to their becoming lodged in large potholes on the road, two large trucks have closed down sections near the Ewusiejoe bridge.

At both ends of the road, there have been an estimated 100 or more locked vehicles.

Long-distance buses, heavy-duty trucks, and intercity vehicles have all been impounded.

Some passengers had to walk for three hours to get to nearby locations.

Sadly, travelers traveling great distances—including a few foreigners—have been compelled to spend the night on their buses.

Several of the passengers “have run out of food and have begun to beg for help,” according to reporters who were on the scene on Wednesday night.

“We observed a mother heading into the next town to hunt for food to buy, with her infant strapped to her back, after she had been walking for roughly twenty minutes. She admitted to us that she had not prepared and was not prepared for this circumstance.

She prayed that her possessions would be there when she got back in one piece because she had given them to someone she had only met on the trip.

We’ve been made public. A distressed traveler bemoaned, “You can imagine what would happen if some people choose to take advantage of our position.

Source : BoadiNews.com

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