C\R: Sprinter bus driver curses police officers with schnapps and eggs

At the Mankessim Lorry Station in the Central Region, a sprinter bus driver cursed police officers with schnapps and eggs.

The driver had loaded people heading to Accra at the station, according to information acquired by BoadiNews.com


Three MTTD police officers suddenly approached him for parking in an improper spot while he was in the middle of things.

The driver stated that the police officers attacked him alone, even though he wasn’t the only one loading at the station.

He begged the police to take him seriously, fine him, let him pay, and let him get back to work, but they refused, instead calling a tow truck to come get his car and take it to the police station.

In the event that everyone inside got out of the car and left it unoccupied.

The driver became enraged at this and hurried to the closest store to buy eggs and schnapps. He then stood in the middle of the road and cursed the policemen.


He prayed to the gods of the land, asking them to punish the police officers harshly for their actions within three days.

The police have threatened to take the motorist to court for his actions, claiming that this is not the first time the driver has parked improperly.

Source :BoadiNews.com

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