Alleged motorbike thief beaten to death

According to reports, a 35-year-old man was fatally beaten in Kabili, a Sampa neighborhood in the Jaman North of the Bono Region.

The young man was charged with motorcycle theft.

The young man allegedly stole the motorcycle in the area around a month ago and fled, according to the information given.

He had no idea that a CCTV camera had captured his alleged theft.

After a month, he came back to the community and was greeted by a number of neighbors.

When questioned about the location of the motorcycle when he was confronted, he responded that he had sold it.

After that, he was allegedly beaten to death while still naked.

When Nana Kwame reported the incident to reporters, she said the suspected attackers tried to burn the body but were thwarted.

The alleged attackers left the scene before the police could arrive, but they were later notified.

As a result, they have made a request for assistance from the local traditional leaders in their investigation.

Since then, the body has been placed in the mortuary and is awaiting an autopsy.


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