E/R: Asuom residents impound vehicle with stolen goats, rescue 10

Some vigilant residents of Akyem Asuom in Kwaebibirim district in the Eastern region have impounded a private Toyota Camry car and rescued ten (10) stolen live goats.

Kasapa FM has gathered that, in the early hours of October 31, 2023, a vigilant resident of Asuom Apenkwa, Kofi Amagyei, also known as Obede, played a crucial role in thwarting the goat theft incident.

At approximately 2:15 a.m., Kofi Amagyei spotted a Toyota Camry bearing registration number GR 5195-23 engaged in the suspicious act of loading live goats not far from his residence.

Swift to react, Kofi Amagyei raised an alarm, alerting the neighborhood to the unfolding situation.

The three individuals involved in the suspicious act responded by hastily departing the scene in their vehicles.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Kofi Amagyei reached out to the recently appointed Asafoatse of Asuom, Nana Adomako, and provided a detailed account of the unfolding events.

In a display of unwavering commitment to safeguarding the community, Nana Adomako and Kofi Amagyei embarked on a courageous pursuit of the suspects.

Faced with determined pursuers, the three suspects, realizing that they were being pursued, made the decision to abandon their vehicle and flee on foot through the Akyem Tumfa cemetery.

After successfully detaining the suspects’ vehicle, they discovered a total of ten live goats within.

Cases of rustling are on the rise in parts of the Eastern region.

Rustlers mostly target farming communities to steal goats, in particular to sell to chop bar operators and slaughter house owners.

Currently, the prices of goats range from GHC400 to GHC1000, depending on their size and weight. Kasapafm

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