W/R: Man attempts to commit suicide by drinking Gramazone

A young man in his 30s has been rescued from committing suicide at Daaman, a village near Oppong valley in Wassa Amenfi East District of the Western region.

The action of the young man, identified only as Paa Yaw, was borne out of a misunderstanding between the mother of the victim and victim himself.

The victim Paa Yaw

According to an information gathered by BoadiNews.com, the victim together with his peers got drunk during a funeral rite in the community and begun to behaving abnormally.

As a result of their abnormal behavior, the victim was rebuked by the mother publicly.

The victim Paa Yaw

Not happy with his mother’s action, a misunderstanding ensued between the duo.

Threatening to commit a suicide, the drunkard went indoor, took a bottle of Gramazone( a chemical substance for spraying weeds).

In an attempt to drink the substance publicly, some relatives intervene by snatching the poisonous substance.

The victim Paa Yaw

Due to the harmfulness of the chemical to the skin, the victim substained various degree of burns on his face after the it was accidently splashed on the body.

Source: BoadiNews.com

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