A/R: Christian woman curses company with 16 river deities

A woman identified as Abrafi stormed the premises of the Erduk Company to rain curses on the company’s leadership following years of back and forth with the company over unpaid insurance compensation.

The catholic woman speaking on Kessben FM’s Breaking News narrated that she and her husband as far back as 2017 were involved in an accident with one of the Erduk Company’s vehicles which has since left her husband bedridden.

According to her, the company ought to have paid compensation to her and her husband but the company never did which led them to take legal action.

She said the court in 2022 finally ruled for the company to pay GHC800,000 for her and her ailing husband but Erduk has still not fulfilled with many excuses since then.

The fed-up Christian woman eventually had to resort to tradition as she stormed the company’s premises to invoke curses on the company.




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