Police retrieve lifeless body of newborn from gutter at Sunyani

Residents at the Sunyani Zongo are left in shock after the lifeless body of a newborn baby enclosed in a polythene bag, was found in a drain in the early hours of Tuesday.

The Ghana News Agency (GNA) learnt the police have since retrieved the body, from the gutter along the Sunyani-Zongo One-way around 0530 hours and since deposited it at a mortuary in Sunyani.

Scores of residents rushed to catch a glimpse of the incident, when the GNA visited the scene, and the story had since remained a topical issue, as people wondered why somebody would dump such an innocent child.

Mr Moro Salia, the Assemblyman for Zongo Electoral Area, confirmed the story, describing it as a barbaric act and called on the police to be expeditious in their investigation to seek justice for the innocent baby.

In a related development, the police had rescued another newborn baby, dumped behind a container at Badu, a farming community in the Tain District.

The GNA gathered that a resident who heard the continuous crying of the baby boy, approached the scene and discovered him lying prostrate on a rag around 0900 hours on Tuesday November 28, 2023.

Mr Shehu Dauda, the Assemblyman for the Laawage Electoral Area, confirmed the story and said the police had arrested the mother of the baby boy.

Police preliminary investigations revealed the girl delivered this morning, dumped the baby and locked herself in a room, a police source indicated, saying they had since sent the boy and his mother to the Badu clinic for medication and proper care.


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