A/R: Pastor breaks silence on why he couldn’t resurrect the corpse of a lady(contact)

A self-acclaimed prophet called Osofo Samuel Owusu has explained the rationale behind his inability to resurrect the corpse of a lady.

The Pastor had failed to raise from the dead the corpse of an 18-year-old lady at Asomanfo Nkwanta in the Ashanti region.

This was after the man of God claimed God had granted him power to resurrect the dead.

After praying vehemently, the dead couldn’t come to life.

The corpse was latter deposited in the morgue.

Breaking his silence on his failure to raise the lady from the dead on Solar FM’s Morning Show dubbed ATUMPAN on Thursday, December 7, 2023, Osofo Samuel Owusu categorically stated some factors that led to his failure.

He told Odiasempa Kofi Boadi, the host of the program, that failure on his part to embark on fasting and prayers before approaching the corpse was a factor contributing to his inability to resurrect the dead.

According to him, God had warned him in a dream to embark on fasting and pray before any given task.

Osofo Samuel also disclosed that the corpse of the lady wasn’t a flesh one since God had instructed him to resurrect only those who had died between 30 minutes and an hour late.

Again, the man of God added that the corpse of the lady he prayed for might not be among the six corpses God told him he (Osofo) would resurrect throughout his ministry.

Lastly, he said, the family members of the deceased and some of the mortuary attendants flouted his directive of not coming to the scene to take photos and videos of the ongoing event.

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