Robbers besiege military cemetery in Takoradi, steal 100s of caskets

A group of grave robbers have reportedly besieged some cemeteries in Takoradi and its surroundings, including a military cemetery, looting from 100s of graves.

According to a news report by 3News, the looting has led to tension in Takoradi and its surroundings forcing residents to troop to the cemeteries to check the status of the grave of their relations.

The report indicated that robbers targeted graves that had marble stones and nice tiles.

They dig out the graves, remove the mortal remains and abscond with the caskets and the items in them.

“The workers here tell us that the usual targets are those with marble stones and beautiful tiles… I have come across some of the graves where the bodies have been removed and left on the bare floor and the coffins missing,” a TV3 reporter at one of the cemeteries said.

“… and they have made inroads into the military cemetery as well,” she added. ghanaweb

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