Dodowa: ‘Fake doctor’ who stole at government hospital captured by CCTV

A robber posing as a doctor took several goods from the Dodowa Government Hospital, setting off a frightening chain of events.

According to reports, the suspect—who was caught on camera—first entered the hospital grounds at around 6:00 p.m., posing as a patient’s family.

But he pretended to be a doctor in an attempt to get access, misleading staff members as well as patients.

Before coolly making his way out of the hospital’s emergency ward, he deviously took three cell phones and a brand-new laptop from victims.

After looking through the CCTV footage, the authorities have located the suspect and think he lives in Teshie or Nungua.

The administration of Dodowa Government Hospital is closely collaborating with law enforcement agencies to strengthen security measures, expressing grave concerns over the security breach.

The public is being urged by the authorities to provide any pertinent information that can help in the suspect’s quick apprehension.



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