E/R: Fetish priestess arrested for allegedly defrauding bereaved families

Florence Amo, a fetish priestess, has been apprehended by the Eastern Region Police for allegedly defrauding multiple bereaved families by falsely claiming responsibility for their loved ones’ deaths.

Her partner in crime, Abraham Odotei, remains at large.

The festish priestess’ deceitful tactics involve searching communities for obituary posters of relatively affluent bereaved families.

She then approaches these families with fabricated allegations, asserting that the deceased had sought spiritual financial assistance, referred to locally as “Boame,” at her shrine.

However, the deceased failed to fulfill their end of the spiritual agreement, resulting in their untimely demise.

Exploiting the vulnerability of grieving families, the festish priestess proceeds to threaten them, insisting on performing elaborate rituals, including appeasing the gods and demanding substantial sums of money before allowing the deceased to be buried.

She further warns that non-compliance will lead to ongoing deaths within the family, starting with those who orchestrated the funeral.

Driven by fear, numerous families fell victim to her deception, paying significant amounts of money under duress.

Florence Amo’s arrest followed a report filed by a family that had previously fallen prey to her schemes.

Subsequent investigations revealed multiple victims with similar complaints.

Florence Amo has been remanded by the Koforidua Circuit Court “B.”

However, her defense counsel has failed to appear in court on two occasions for case management.

During the latest court session, the prosecution expressed concern over the defense counsel’s absence despite being served with necessary documents.

Presiding Judge Her Honour Matilda Ribeiro emphasized that proceedings would continue without delay if a valid excuse was not provided.

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Reluctantly granting Amo’s plea for another adjournment, the judge directed her to obtain the necessary disclosures. In the event of the defense counsel’s continued absence, case management will commence on the next adjourned date, scheduled for December 19, 2023.   Starrfm

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