Man paid his friend to impregnate his wife; Now he want the baby

A distressed father is distraught about the possibility that his child will be taken away from him by the biological father.

After paying a friend to sleep with his wife and take away his shame, his friend is back, asking for something he cannot let go of – their son!

He tells Ms Nancy how his first marriage ended because he was impotent. Luckily, he has got another shot at having a family again but still couldn’t get his second wife pregnant, so he came up with a plan.

“To not lose my second wife, I have a friend who wasn’t well-to-do. He was actually one of my workers. I spoke to him and said I want him to sleep with my wife and impregnate her.”

They arranged for it to take place on their anniversary. After getting the wife drunk, he left the room for his friend to have sexual intercourse with his wife.

“I promised to take him abroad once my wife is pregnant. I promised him a better life. So I bought him a house in the States and set up a business for him. In return, he never has to return to Ghana or contact my wife.”

Thankfully his wife got pregnant after the first try, and they have a beautiful son who looks like his wife.

6 years later, the worker/friend is back, saying he wants the child because he can afford to take care of him.

How will he explain to his wife what he did to her 6 years ago? Should he turn over his son to someone else? What will happen to his family now?  Onua

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