Shocking: Sheep gives birth to offspring with two heads at Sefwi

A sheep has given birth to offspring with two heads at Sehwi Wenchi in the Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai of the Western North region.

This mysterious incident happened at Wenchi, a farming community in the Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai municipality of the Western North Region.

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The offspring has two heads, two mouths, four eyes, and two ears.

The offspring with two heads

In an interview with BoadiNews, Adwoa Abrafi, the farmer who owns the sheep, said she has reared a flock of sheep for more than ten years and had never met this mysterious incident before.

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She said he has even decided to consult a spiritualist if there’s any bad omen about the sheep. However, the offspring couldn’t survive after birth.

The offspring with two heads

Notwithstanding, the Municipal veterinary officer, Dr. Emmanuel Kingsley Bassaw, explained that the incident could be the result of three factors.

He said it could be the intake of heavy metals such as mercury and cyanide, as well as inbreeding and poor medication.

However, the area is known to be a galamsey area.



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