Chief appeals for the completion of mobile network project

The Chief of Denkyira Brofoyedu in the Upper Denkyira West District of the central region,Nana Atobra Nkwanta II has expressed concern over the delay in completing the telecommunications network project, urging the government and GIFEC to take immediate action.

According to Nana Atobra Nkwanta II, the incomplete telecommunications network project has been causing inconvenience to the residents and hindering economic activities in the area.

Many businesses are struggling to operate efficiently due to poor connectivity, while residents face difficulties accessing essential services and staying connected with their loved ones.

He also expressed his concern over the poor state of school infrastructure in his community. He has called on the government to take urgent steps to address the situation.

He said that the lack of proper school infrastructure is affecting the quality of education in the community. He noted that many schools in the community lack basic facilities such as classrooms, toilets, and furniture.

When Nana Atobra Ntanta II enstooled nine sub-chiefs in the area, he made this request.

He therefore made a passionate appeal to the government to take immediate action and bring the road contractor on Dunkwa-Ayanfuri road back on-site to complete the construction of a crucial road in the area.

The road, which has been under construction for the past several months, has faced numerous delays, causing inconvenience and frustration among the local residents, passengers, and drivers.


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