Taking an oath is not funfair – NDC Ako Gunn writes

How many times have we broken an oath? Oath of secrecy, marital oath, oath among friends and organisations?

I know you have seen the video of an oath of office making the rounds on social media. Whether it was leaked by the NPP to cover up their disrespect towards the Otumfour or not, let me share my opinion.

The world is full of betrayal and hypocrisy. People who have fear for oath and commitment may be falling within these categories.

I am a christian, spirit filled, tongue talking, Bible-believing, and I will never bow before any other god or betray my religion.

However, I have no issue with the video making the rounds. Let’s also acknowledge that the NDC is a political party that has pastors, Imams, traditionalists, etc, who pray for the party every day, who also meet and pray for the party weekly. If they give us a prohetic direction, i will heed to it.

I will not go to a fetish priest or an imam, but I will not oppose what a muslim and a traditionalist will do. I can not impose my belief on anyone, and no one can impose theirs on me.

Party people meet executives and swear that if we don’t protect the ballot, they will attack or lynch us in our offices. The protection of the ballot is primarily at the polling stations. Whatever it takes to get trusted and faithful hands must be done.

There is a controversial portion involving the firstborn child. Christians must accept that the consequence of sinners (hypocrites, betrayers) is enormous!!! The curse of God is sometimes to the third and fourth generations. What crime has the unborn done? What did the first born of Pharoah do to deserve death from the stubbornness of his father? Didn’t the descendants of Abraham enjoy the blessings from his tithe to Melchizedech in the book of Genesis? Be honest and let your sons and daughters enjoy !!! The Akans say, “ntiamoah doesn’t kill a man with a clear conscience.”

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Life is simple. Never make it complicated. Live an honest life, be truthful to yourself, and people you deal with. Respect agreements and negotiations. Always let your conscience be clean and clear. It took boldness and conviction for Christ to say, ” The prince of the world comes against me, but he has nothing in me.”John 14: 30. That same Bible in Mathew 26:24 describes what will happen to any betrayer. “It would have been better if such a person had not been born” !!!

We have been hiding behind religion and hurting organisations, friends, loved ones, and family members who reposed their love and trust in them. I pray that this 2020 video you see will be taken to the constituencies, the branches, and the polling agents in 2024, especially with what i saw during the District Assembly elections.

This year is a serious one, and you must define the role you want to play. If you have trust issues, stay away from election management and concentrate on something else.

This year will definitely be a good year. Let’s keep hope alive. There are better days ahead.

Kun Fa Yakun



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