Man sets himself on fire after failed attempt to kill wife

A man known as Collins Jones has allegedly committed suicide, after assaulting his wife, Martina Jones, with a pestle and attempting to strangle her to death.

Martina Jones is reported to have escaped with injuries and sought refuge at a local police station.

Tragically, the alleged perpetrator believed to be in his late 50s is reported to have locked himself indoors and set himself on fire.

The harrowing incident which unfolded at night in the couple’s chamber and hall residence at Abeka in Accra, was witnessed by their three children.


Martina Jones, in an interview with Citi News, narrated, “I have not wronged him in any way to warrant such an attack. One of our children saw the pestle hidden under our bed and showed it to me. I enquired where the pestle was from and he said it was placed there by his father.

“I asked what it was going to be used for and he said probably his father will be sending it to work. When he hit me with the pestle at night, I wondered if the intention was to kill me so I struggled with him and managed to take the pestle from him. After moments of struggle, I managed to escape the situation.”

Neighbours of the couple emphasised the importance of recognizing signs of abuse within relationships and the need to foster a culture of zero tolerance towards domestic violence.

One stated, “She has been helping the man with everything and today he wanted to kill her. He has set himself ablaze in the process. I would advise couples to stay off their partners when the need arises otherwise lives would be lost.”/ citi

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